Serious About Wanting To Use Low Cost
Discount Money Saving E-Advertising?
All information pertaining to our e-advertising service is found on our circular.
•Refer to the circular before ordering.
This page is provided as a means for you to order faster, online - opposed to mailing in your order form and payment. You may also print out the circular and order by postal mail. 
To order online:
Enter your ad wording in in boxes provided during the pay process. If you need more space for your ad, or need to change it, or concerned about our getting it... you can send it via this email. You may submit up to 60 words.
•It is suggested you write your ad out on paper first then edit your ad down to 60 words or less. Words over 60 will be edited out.
All ad orders confirmed automatically IF you follow instructions and give good contact information with order. WE DO NOT SELL, TRADE or Otherwise abuse contact information and your email address is NEVER added to our database. It is used to confrim your order ONLY!
We totally respect your privacy.
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